Current Projects

Zdanje is a Content Management System (CMS) which provides:

  • WYSIWYG page editing
  • Template skinning
  • Internet domain connectivity
  • Monitoring website traffic
  • And lots of other features such as e-commerce, picture galleries, contact forms, mobile version of web site, news posting, blogging, etc.

Ivan Dimitrijevic works for Blue Soft Software Development Company which develops this project.

Web site:

WAD - Web Application Development

WAD is a framework for development of Rich Internet Applications. The main idea behind WAD framework is to disburden server resources by transferring some operations from a server side of application to the client’s. WAD uses JavaScript for a user interface which communicates with a server side via small messages formatted with XML, JSON, TXT, etc. The server side of web application has RESTful web service which provides many useful features, as well as connectivity with a business logic. Some of WAD’s features:

  • Request management
  • Easy session handling
  • Connectivity with data sources
  • Connectivity with other technologies
  • Internationalization


IntelLEO is a 3-year ICT research project (STREP) in the area of Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL), within the 7th Framework Programme of the European Commission. The project has officially started on February 01, 2009. It is coordinated by the ATB Institute from Bremen, Germany.

Intelligent Learning Extended Organisation (IntelLEO) is a new paradigm representing a community that emerges from a temporal integration of two or more different business and educational communities and organisational cultures (industrial, research and educational). For example, interested individuals from an industrial enterprise may create such a community with researchers from a university department interested from the research perspective in the same area in which the enterprise does its business. The temporal integration of the two parties may come in order to collaborate on learning activities and achieve their learning goals more efficiently.

Ivan is a member of team from FON - School of Business Administration, University of Belgrade which is one of IntelLEO Consortium members.

Web site:


The social network project. The name and more details about this project will be available after the first official release.

Montenegro Living – live auction system

Montenegro Living is a real-estate Company located in: Herceg Novi (Montenegro), London (UK), Dublin (Ireland) and Moscow (Russia). Ivan developed Information System, named DNJ Estates, for this company. DNJ Estates provides:

  • Real Estate management
  • Business contacts management
  • Organizer editor
  • Synchronization with online database
  • etc.

Very soon, visitors of will be able to buy real-estates via live auction system.

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