Past projects

Xero Solution

Xero Solution - Imagine Cup 2007 project that implements a solution for that year competition problem (“Imagine a world where technology enables a better education for all”) from the perspective of museums, exhibitions, galleries, which represent educational and scientific institutions. Ivan Dimitrijevic was the member of the Auto Commit Team that implemented this software package, including the following components:

  • Xero Mobile and Xero KIDS – mobile guides through a museum exhibition (developed in MS .NET Compact Framework 2.0)
  • Xero Virtual – static representation of artifacts is replaced with a virtual model of the museum (developed in X3D Web technology)
  • Xero Space – 3D User Interface application for exploring museums, exhibitions and artifacts with rich multimedia experience (developed in MS .NET Framework 3.0 – C#)
  • Xero Studio – complete administration of the system (developed in MS .NET 2.0 Framework – C#)

Xero Solution awards and participations:

  • May 2007 - Serbian Imagine Cup 2007 Finalist
  • July 2007 - The best e-Culture project from Serbia nominated for World Summit Award 2007
  • October 2007 - Letter of Gratitude by the Municipality of Rakovica, Belgrade – Serbia
  • November 2007 - Presentation of the Xero Solution project at OpenIT conference
  • December 2007 – School Museum in Belgrade became the first Xero Solution user
  • December 2007 - Xero Solution project was presented on MSP Web Tour 2007
  • March 2008 - Xero Solution project was presented at the 28th PODIM Conference held in Maribor Slovenia

Official web site | Official project’s video | Project's documentation | Screenshots | Demo videos

DNJ Estates

DNJ Estates - Complete software solution for real-estate agencies. The application is customized for specific needs of the Montenegro Living real-estate agency (,, operating at several locations in the world (Herceg Novi - Montenegro, London – UK, Dublin – Ireland, Moscow – Russia).DNJ Estates provides:

  • Real Estate management
  • Business contacts management
  • Organizer editor
  • Synchronization with online database
  • etc.


AMIS - Project management application developed for internal use in the OMV Company. Ivan Dimitrijevic was a member of the team in the Blue Soft company, Serbia, that optimized the application in collaboration with the Atos Origin company.


WP4Collaboration - Web application for collaboration between users and employees on the Web. Ivan Dimitrijevic was a member of the team in the Blue Soft company which developed this project.

Web site:


FStat - Program for statistical processing. Features:

  • Making Question Forms
  • Filling Question Forms
  • Analyzing Data
  • Making Charts
  • Printing Analysis
  • Regenerating data from already processed data
  • etc.

This program is developed for the Department of Statistic at FON - School of Business Administration, University of Belgrade.

Web site:


Melissa - Project management and collaboration application specialized for software projects. Ivan was a member of the team that has developed this program for FON - School of Business Administration, University of Belgrade.

JAVA Gutenberg

JAVA Gutenberg - JAVA printing framework. Ivan was a member of the team that has developed this program for FON - School of Business Administration, University of Belgrade.

Install Maker 3.00

Install Maker 3.00 - Studio for making setup applications.

DNJ Code Collector 0.1.0

DNJ Code Collector 0.1.0 is software for management of code snippets. Some features:

  • Categorization of collected snippets
  • Quick and advanced search
  • Backup and restore of code snippets
  • Skin-able user interface
  • Portable application

Web site:

DNJ Clip Color

DNJ Clip Color small and free application that helps users pick any color on the screen. Some features:

  • Zoom in-out image while picking up color
  • Bookmark current color and manage color bookmarks
  • See color value in 5 different color systems
  • Automatically paste RGB value of selected color in any other color dialog with pressing Alt + F12

Web site:

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